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A Full Service Advertising Network

Chitika is the leading blog advertising company with a network of thousands of blogs/websites and hundreds of name brand advertisers and merchants. Chitika provides bloggers the opportunity to harness their independent original content and opinions to monetize the traffic to their site. Offers retailers a new channel to merchandise their products, and gives consumers better access to a broader base of independent expert advice from the blogger community.

Refer Advertisers
  • Earn $25.00 once your advertiser referral reaches $100.00 spent in their ad campaign.
  • There is NO limit to the number of referrals you can earn referral commission from.
  • Chitika will pay you 30 days following the end of the month that your commissions are earned.
  • Your referral revenue is added to your regular monthly revenue and/or Publisher Referral Revenue each month.
  • Access your Advertiser Referral reports in the “Reports” section when you log into your account.

Refer Publishers

The Publisher Referral Commission Program rewards you for bringing new business to Chitika. Refer new Publishers to Chitika’s eMiniMalls service and earn 10% of what your referral earns. The referral makes the same revenue that they would normally and Chitika pays you for your efforts. It’s that simple!

  • You’ll earn 10% of what your referrals earn - the more friends you refer, the more you make!
  • You’re eligible to earn commissions for each referral for 15 months following each referral’s approval date.
  • Chitika will pay you 30 days following the end of the month that your commissions are earned provided that your total revenue has exceeded $10 (for PayPal) and $50 (for check where PayPal is not available).
  • You will be paid based upon audited revenue.
  • You will find your Referral reports in the “Reports” section when you log into your account. Reports are updated on a daily basis.
  • The referral program is only available for Chitika’s eMiniMalls service at this time.


Friday, 8 August 2008

ADster is the new way to buy and sell text advertising, person-to-person. ADster directly connects advertisers looking to buy text advertising with web publishers selling targeted adspace. ADster's Network of web publishers range from smaller niche-market websites to websites that rank in the top 100 most visited websites in the world.

ADster's system is unique in that it utilizes a hybrid (CPC-2-FlatRate) advertising monetization system. The CPC-2-FlatRate system makes it easy for Advertisers to "test" and determine where their Text Ads perform the best on a CPC basis, before purchasing premium flat-rate Ads. The system allows Publishers to display pay-per-click ADs in all available ADster network panels that are not completely filled with premium flat-rate ADs. The ADster system automatically optimizes the rotation favoring the best performing ad/Publisher combinations. ADster encourages Advertisers to utilize the CPC-2-FlatRate option to identify the most effective ADster Panels prior to purchasing premium flat-rate Ads.

Once the most effective ADster Panels have been identified by an Advertiser using CPC, they can buy and place targeted contextual ADs on selected websites in minutes by converting the CPC bids to flat-rate offers in a single-click. Using a flat-rate system protects the Advertiser from being over-charged by click fraud and guarantees the Publisher receives payment from the Advertiser, regardless of the action taken by the customer visiting the Publisher's website. ADster manages all monies exchanged between Advertisers and Publishers (credit cards, Paypal, echecks, wire transfers).

Advertisers can also find Publishers targeted websites to place ADs using the ADster business directory or by using the ADster search engine, entering keywords related to the Publishers products and services. Selected websites can be sorted by number of page views per day, Alexa Ranking, Google page rank, new sites and estimated CPC stats. Publishers can join the ADster network for free online. All that is required is the Publisher download an ADster AD panel to the appropriate web page(s). The AD panel can be customized to fit the Publishers' website or web page. Publishers set the AD price they would like to receive from the Advertiser which is displayed as a "list price". Advertisers can negotiate for a lower price. Publishers can accept, refuse or renegotiate the lower price. Publishers have the right to refuse service to any Advertiser.

Have a website you'd like to sell advertising space on? ADster makes it easy. All you need to do is post a little line of code in your webpage, and ADster takes care of the rest for you from then on. We let you know someone is interested in advertising on your website and you can then choose to reject or approve their ad. ADster then displays the ad on your site, rotates and updates ads, collects the money for you and sends you a check.

Sell Text ADs and Make Money!
  • Place your Adster AD panel throughout your website.
  • Customize your text ad space to match your site.
  • Set your own ad rates for optimum income.
  • Approve advertiser’s text ads that you display and start making money!

Three ways to Buy targeted Text ADs
  1. You can place Text ADs throughout the ADster Network of thousands of web publishers
  2. You can select individual websites to place your Text AD
  3. You can select ADster AD channels that relate to your products and services and launch an AD campaign that targets millions of customers instantly!

ADster will send you web publishers each week that contextually match your AD campaign!


The leading provider of internet direct-response advertising solutions.

The web ad industry has created a number of proven business models that uniquely combine the worlds of traditional advertising and high technology. Chief among these is the advent of web advertising networks-companies that act as brokers to unite web advertisers and web publishers (the buyers and sellers of web advertisements). These networks acquire and aggregate advertising inventory from web sites (typically each page view, or impression, offers at least one ad placement opportunity) and sell them to online advertisers on their behalf. Web advertising networks such as adagency1 simplify the acts of buying and selling for both the advertiser and the web publisher.

No matter what your online direct-response goal may be, their goal is to deliver the best means to meet it. They have the industry's most complete suite of products and services for making the most of your online marketing dollars. Their unique ability to optimize your campaigns' results in real-time? you get better response rates, sooner.

They work with you to achieve maximum reach, response, and results, via banner advertising on their web and email networks, 3rd-party adserving, ecommerce solutions, or complete direct marketing programs.

If you're interested in earning maximum income (70% payout) from your site's assets, you've come to the right place. adagency1 is the industry's most complete single source for adding more revenue generators to your site. You get attentive customer service, easy-to-use online reports, and reliable payments.


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Blog is a blog directory sorted by the score each blog gets during the week. When a new week starts (Monday 00:00 GMT) the list rests to zero to give new blogs a chance to get to the top. 100 Visitors give the same amount of points as 1 vote so basicaly the blogs ranked at the top are the best, most visited or the blogs that successfully get the readers to vote for their blog.

  • Get live statistics over your blog
  • Reach thousands of new readers
  • Get ranked by a new unique way
  • 100% Free to submit your blog(s)


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